Selling Trading!

What I am looking for:
Eunhyuk SFS ver A MV
Sexy Free & Single Japan Promo (all members apart from Shindong and Siwon)
Bonamana B (Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Donghae & Yesung)

Trading cards for CDs without photo cards (If you’re willing to trade your albums for photo cards I am open to trade):
Mr Simple ver A covers:
Heechul (possibly trading)
Kyuhyun (possibly trading)

Oppa Oppa Photo card Ver (without photo card!) Is the on with a close up of their faces!

For prices see previous posts or ask.

Only selling the SNSD/Girls Generation as a lot. $40 For everything in the last picture.

Contact me here or by ask!

I honestly don’t want these cards If anyone is interested in buying or trading them.

JR - NU’EST (Face)
Minho - SHINee (Sherlock)
Jr - JJ Project (Bounce)

Don’t know what the SNSD are, the 3 are stickers, which will be extras, I am really not interested in Girl’s Generation, so I am sure someone else will like them more.

I’m interested in Super Junior, U-Kiss and Tao, Chanyeol & Kirs EXO cards.

Message me if you’re interested.

It’s finally here, the Maxstep collab, sorry it took a little longer than expected I ran into some problems with Sony Vegas, but by some miracle it was being nice today and let me render after having tried at least a 100 times the last 2 days.
But no more of that, here it is and thank you soo much to everyone who participated, the outcome is amazing.

Vidders and Groups in the video:
Part 1: Dramacrazed22 [TVXQ & BTOB]
Part 2: LonesomeMultAngel  [Super Junior & 100%]
Part 3: HyunniesCookie89 [SHINee & EXO]
Part 4: LonesomeMultiAngel [U-KISS & BIG STAR]
Part 5: myshinydream [Miss A & JJ Project]
Part 6: InstantJommyFanMV1 [BEAST & A-JAX]
Part 7: lonekitty5 [MBLAQ & SPICA]
Part 8: the3videomakers1 [BLOCK B & B.A.P]
Part 9: Dramacrazed22 [Sistar & MYNAME]
Part 10: LonesomeMultAngel [Shinhwa & ChAOS]
Part 11: charmedkitten [4minute & GP Basic]
Part 12: LadyVampAsia [Big Bang & AOA]
Part 13: LonesomeMultiAngel [2PM & Tasty]
Part 14: LadyVampAsia [SS501 & VIXX]
Part 15: namstarcondition [2NE1 & EvoL]
Part 16: charmedkitten [Girls Generation & EXID]
Part 17: InstantJommyFanMV1 [TEEN TOP & D-UNIT]
Part 18: Ezmeraldee [Infinite & NU’EST]
Part 19: xMariiih [Dalmatian & Cross Gene]
Part 20: Ezmeraldee [f(x) & Hello Venus]
Part 21: LonesomeMultiAngel [B1A4 & Wonder Boyz]

Hope you enjoy.



KPOP - We Can Make The World Stop


All groups used in this collab:








Big Bang


Super Junior












I kinda wanna make a list of all the KPOP things I have but I’m afraid I’ll start thinking of how much money I used…

Anyone up for a KPOP COLLAB?

Everything you need to know is here:

My KPOP collection so far… Tehe.

Annyeong! I’m going to Korea for holiday!

And I’m leaving on July 1st, Teukkie’s birthday :P

Mainly going for tourism purposes, but does anyone know, how and where to go if you wanna be in the audience for the music shows, Inkigayo, Music Bank and M! Countdown?

I don’t know if I have people following me that would know, but what the heck, can’t hurt asking, right?

I do have loads of other questions but i’m not really sure if anyone will be able to answer them.

Does anyone the exact confirmed date for Super Junior’s comeback?

KPOP - Turn On The Lights On!


Hey everyone!
I finally finished the whole video!
I really hope you all like it, I tried it get a lot og groups in there, though some only have a few clips, I hope you all like it despite that.
I don’t really know about the coloring, it’s a different one than the one I first tried out, I hope it fits.
Thank you for all your support everyone I hope you all enjoy the video, and the wonder that is amazing Korean music videos.
Groups/Artists featured in the video:
Super Junior (and Super Junior-M), U-KISS, MBLAQ, 2PM, 2AM, FT Island, JYJ, NU’EST, VIXX, BIG BANG, XIA JUNSU, M.I.B, EXO-K, EXO-M, SHINee, G-Dragon, Infinite, B1A4, BEAST, B.A.P, TEEN TOP, JJ Project, Shinhwa, Kim Hyun Joong

I didn’t use some videos due to lack of good quality clips or just cause I didn’t have the videos downloaded.
Also groups as Z:EA and Block B are not in the video because I don’t really listen to their music, sorry to those who wanted to see them in there.


The Light In Your Eyes (Coming Soon..) ____________________________

As in probably sometime this year, I am very very slowly working on this.

A few notes:
Some members are not gonna get as much focus as others and there are a a reason for that, simply lack of good quality clips or even lack of clips at all!
So when I eventually post it I don’t want to hear that I factorized some members over others.

Other note:
Alexander, Kibum (U-KISS), Kibum (SJ), Han Geng (Hankyung), are still featured in this video, but I have chosen not to include Henry and Zhou Mi, NOT because I don’t support Super Junior 15, but because as of right now they are SJ-M members and not official SJ members.


I seriously have to many KPOP feels..

Every day I laugh out loud because of one of the groups.

Everyday I cry to either one of the songs or something from an interview/show/variety etc.

Yeah I guess I just have to many feelings for KPOP.

Please don’t ever stop smiling.

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[KPOP Males] I’m Second To None!!

720p for more sexiness!
Thank you so much for your support on the previews everyone it really means a lot, i hope you all like th final result, I did not do the whole song due to the next part of the song not really fitting what I was doing with the video.

The groups/artists I included are:
U-KISS, MBLAQ, Super Junior, SHINee, NU’EST, BIG BANG, G-Dragon, 2AM, 2PM, JYJ, F.T. Island, BEAST, Kim Hyun Joong.

There are a few I did not use, which I just haven’t gotten around to download the videos for so maybe I will use them in the future:
Jang Keun Suk, CN Blue, Infinite, B.A.P., EXO, Block B etc.

Anyways thanks for watching everyone I know I don’t make much anymore.


[KPOP Males] I’m Second To None *2nd Preview*